Temp Note: Drink slightly chilled around 55ºF or enjoy heated to 125ºF (seems hot but proper tea drinking temperature is 135ºF). When served at cooler temperatures, the pure honey aroma will be more prevalent. Conversely at warmer temperatures, the spices and herbs will shine.


Betcha didn’t see this one coming!! Traditional Mead FROM SLOVAKIA! It’s the fourth day of our calendar and we are truly hitting you with warm spice and holiday spirit!



Mead is made by fermenting honey and water. Herbs, spices, or fruit juices may be added but some of the most interesting examples are made from specific types of honey based on the blossom. For example, Wildflower honey mead will have a different character than a mead made from lime-tree blossom honey.

The first meads were naturally occurring prior to human existence… or intervention. Honey from tree hives would begin to ferment with rainwater making mead one of the oldest alcoholic beverages! “In ancient times they considered mead as a source of life, wisdom, courage and strength. Ancient Celts, Germans, Greeks, Romans and Slavs used to drink it. Our ancestors drank it during the reign of the God Perun by significant tribal ceremonies. Therefore had this exceptional drink a festive character.” https://www.apimed.sk/o-medovine/historia-medoviny


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