Day 3

Third day and you’re still with us!

It’s December! Stay in, lay by the fire, and warm up with some Wool Socks.


Temp Note: This cider should be chilled to 45ºF.

This seasonal beverage is from Charlotte’s first ever cidery, Red Clay Ciderworks. Founded in 2015, they make distinct, naturally gluten-free, hard cider made from North Carolina apples. 

Inspiration and Taste Profile

Wool Socks is mulled black currant cider inspired by the Swedish drink Glögg. Glögg is a hot mulled wine with added sugar, spices, and sometimes liquor. It is traditionally drunk in the winter around Christmas time. 

Red Clay’s lightly-sweet cider uses fermented apple juice, black currant juice, orange peels, and mulling spices (cinnamon, cardamon, etc.) to make the perfect winter beverage.