Temp Note: Drink slightly chilled around 55ºF or enjoy heated to 125ºF (seems hot but proper tea drinking temperature is 135ºF). When served at cooler temperatures, the pure honey aroma will be more prevalent. Conversely at warmer temperatures, the spices and herbs will shine. Celine recommends this mead be enjoyed lightly chilled, so you don’t miss out on the floral notes! Or make a mead cocktail! Recipe below.


“Acacia forests of southern Slovakia reveal the transformation of flower to crystal clear honey. Thanks to it, the Old Slavic light mead has the typical honey flavor with a hint of freshly blooming acacia. The light-yellow color is unique and it is reflecting the warm rays of the sun and freshly mown fields. Just a small cup and a weekday is transformed into special moment.”


Medovinové Mochito

1 part Old slavic mead light

1 part soda

2 small lime wedges

1 Lime slice (for garnish)

2 sprigs of Mint


Instructions: Muddle the mint and lime wedges in a tall glass. Top the glass with ice and add the mead and soda. Gently stir to incorporate. Garnish with a lime slice. Sip up!



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