Day 15

They’re adorable, right?! Trust us, they don’t just look cool, they taste fantastic as well.


Temp Note: This beverage can be served chilled or on the rocks.


Umeshu vs Plum Wine

Umeshu is a beloved Japanese liqueur made from the Ume fruit that has been enjoyed for centuries in Japan and around the world. Despite its popularity, many people misunderstand Umeshu and refer to it as Plum Wine. While it’s true that both are made from Ume fruit, the main difference between Umeshu and Plum Wine is in their fermentation process. Umeshu is a liqueur made by steeping Ume fruit in alcohol and sugar, while Plum Wine is made by fermenting Ume fruit and sugar together, much like grape wine. This difference in the fermentation process means that the flavor profile of the two drinks is distinct. The Ume flavor in Plum Wine may be masked by the wine taste, while the fermented wine flavor is amplified.