Temp Note: This cider should be chilled to 45ºF – 50ºF. (Pop it in the fridge overnight and let it warm up in the glass after serving.) The warm spice notes will be prominent at this temperature without affecting the way the tannins hit your palate.

This cider is the holiday season in a glass! “Loads of spice aromas–cinnamon, cardamon, cloves & anise. Made with freshly brewed AppalaChai! tea. Semi-sweet on the tongue with an astringent tea finish..” which comes from the tannins in the chai! Drink this and tell me the holiday spirit doesn’t hitcha in the face!


“From a humble fruit comes a Noble Cider.

We started with a simple mission and very little cash! After cobbling together enough funds to build an apple press and with a few connections at local orchards, we began our journey to create Asheville’s first hard cider company.

What makes us different?

Not only do we use premium ingredients, we grow some of our own. In partnership with Lewis Creek Farms, Noble is grafting and growing true cider apple varieties. Founded in the new ‘Craft Brew Mecca’ of Asheville and North Carolina’s apple country, Noble brings together a rich local history of agriculture with this region’s exciting craft beverage industry.” https://www.noblecider.com/about


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