Day 7

Its beginning to look a lot like Spritzmas

 I am sorry for the awful pun. But hopefully today’s beverage makes up for it. 

Temp Note: This spritz should be chilled to about 32ºF (best over ice). 

It’s bitter, its sweet, it’s bubbly, it’s refreshing, it’s classy. What’s not to love? Spritzes are sparkling wine (usually Prosecco) based cocktails that are extremely popular as an aperitivo across north Italy.

There are a number of regional and stylistic variations, but the general formula includes the following: Sparkling wine, digestive bitters, and soda water. 

Sera Luce adds the infusion of Valencia oranges, bitter and savory herbs, and other traditional botanicals. What results is a sophisticated cocktail that reminds us of a Venetian Summer in a glass.