Day 7

We selected a light and refreshing wine for Day 8… because chances are you may have some catching up to do and Cap Fizz is the perfect apéritif for that. 

Temp Note: This wine should be chilled to about 45ºF. Open and serve right after taking it out of the fridge.

“Capitol Fizz is a sparkling wine that gives a shout-out to our beautiful art deco state capitol as well as the pioneering spirit has always been strong throughout the state of Oregon. Salem has always been known as the boring little sister city to Portland, which has oddly become an endearing quality to us as Salem residents and Willamette Valley farmers all the way back to the 1890s. Our bumper stickers say “Keep Salem Lame,” which is tongue-in-cheek of course. What we really are is a center of the state, a gathering place for Oregonians of all types, and a down to earth community, now with a down to earth sparkling wine. We wanted to craft a wine that people can drink casually and not too seriously, that is more a “beer of wine” than a serious sparkling.”

About the Producer

“Illahe is a Chinook Jargon word meaning “earth,” “land,” or “soil.” We feel this reflects both our location in Oregon, as well as our desire to craft wines which express the variety of soils on our beautiful 80 acre estate. Illahe Vineyards was established in 2000 by Lowell Ford, grower of Oregon grapes since 1983. Illahe is a LIVE-certified, Salmon Safe vineyard. We use cover crops on the entire vineyard. We are part of Oregon’s Deep Roots Coalition, and as such do not irrigate mature plants. We do extensive green pruning and conduct plant topping. We prune by hand and harvest by hand. We use sulfur spray to control for powdery mildew and botrytis.

We aim for balanced production and optimal ripeness. This includes a program of no irrigation, leaf pulling to decrease shade, and dropping green clusters after veraison. One of our goals at Illahe is to reduce the use of fossil fuels throughout the year. We have solar panels and we use our horses, Doc and Bea, to mow and to bring grapes to the winery at harvest.”