Ok it’s day unknown. We are tossing in either something new for you OR something you may not have had in a while. Madeira isn’t trending in the wine world (that we know of) BUT it may make a comeback like Sherry did circa 2017.

Temp Note: This wine should be chilled to about 50ºF. (Pop it in the fridge overnight and take it out 10 minutes prior to serving.) The wine will be more aromatic when enjoying the wine warmer than fridge temperature.


The island of Madeira has an oceanic, tropically-influenced climate and volcanic soil. With high rainfall and an average mean temperature of 19°C (66°F), fungal diseases and botrytis are constant hazards. To combat these threats, Madeira vineyards are often planted in low trellises known as latada that raise the canopy off the ground. The wine is cultivated in terraced steps of red and basaltic bedrock called poios. Broadbent Madeira is made in the classic British style. All of the Broadbent Madeira’s spent time in 650Litre cask with as much as 150 years of age.

The history of Madeira wine stretches back to the Age of Exploration, when Madeira was a frequent port of call for ships whose captains would fuel up on wine—fortified to prevent spoilage—for their trans-Atlantic journey. The blazing heat of the sea voyage transformed the flavor of the wines, a metamorphosis reproduced by a process called estufagem during which the wines are heated to as high as 60°C (140°F) and oxidated. Begun in 1996, Broadbent Madeira was inspired by Bartholomew Broadbent’s father, Michael Broadbent, who called Madeira his “desert island wine,” and who played a crucial role along with his wife, Daphne, in sourcing the wines and establishing the blends.”


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