Day 20


Drink this and tell me the holiday spirit doesn’t hitcha in the face!

Note: Celine LOVES ginger and herbs in her holiday cranberry sauce and now we have that tasty combo in a convenient holiday bev!

Ginger’s Revenge is an alcoholic ginger beer brand that pays tribute to our historic consumption of fermented ginger beer with a modern funky vibe. Each flavor has a different member of a revival band. Our selected flavor, much like the ginger beer is delightful and unexpected. About our bandmate:

“They’re classically trained and irresistibly unorthodox, a playful creative who’s serious about environmental stewardship: Meet Cranberry Herb, our free-spirited, community-oriented, keytar-shredding sensation. Fans know them best for their electrifying solos, we love them most for their unbridled authenticity.

When they’re not delighting us with funky renditions of 80s hits or dazzling you with effervescent performances, Cranberry Herb is contributing to local climate and LGBTQ+ advocacy efforts, caring for their beloved house plants, and proving that “dance floor” is nothing but a state of mind.”

History of Boozy Ginger Beer

“Prior to Prohibition, alcoholic ginger beer was just as popular as ales and ciders. With Prohibition, hundreds of companies across the US either pivoted to start producing soft drinks or went out of business. Ginger’s Revenge is one of only a handful of companies in the United States dedicated to reviving this historic beverage. We believe in intentionally crafted beverages made with high quality, clean ingredients.”