Day 18

Temp Note: This wine should be chilled to 45ºF.

Canned wine and alternate packaging:

Wineries stand to gain numerous advantages by offering smaller format options for their wines. Chief among these is the undeniable convenience factor. Single-serving sizes present a lesser commitment compared to the standard 750mL bottle, containing approximately 2 glasses worth of wine instead of 4. This reduction in volume can curtail wastage. Moreover, it affords consumers the opportunity to explore wines beyond their usual preferences without the risk of investing in a full bottle. This is particularly beneficial for couples with differing wine preferences. These smaller formats cater to individual tastes more effectively.

Furthermore, these compact options offer portability and ease of transport, making them ideal for occasions like concerts, picnics, and outdoor settings where bulky and fragile bottles might be impractical. Additionally, the adoption of alternative packaging for wines in smaller formats contributes significantly to a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with sustainability goals and environmental consciousness.



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