Alexander Valley Vineyards is back with another staple wine: Merlot! This wine is a fruity crowd pleaser. Perfect for date night dinner or Netflix and chill (do people still say that?).



Merlot is one of the five red grapes of Bordeaux and is widely planted on BOTH banks because it is relatively easy to grow, and it tastes good in a blend. On it’s own, varietally bottled merlot wines can be silky smooth with an abundance of red and black fruits, and moderate tannins. Drink it young OR old and it will probably be decent either way!


Why do so many people hate Merlot?!

In 2004, the movie Sideways came out and essentially praised Pinot Noir and trashed Merlot. Afterwards, the decline in Merlot sales was so great that California producers removed their Merlot vines and replanted with Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you are in the “never Merlot” camp, be careful! Some of the most expensive and greatest wines from around the world are merlot dominant or have some merlot blended in!


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