Throwing some sparkle into the mix because ‘tis the season for glitter (and excess)!!

Temp Note: This wine should be chilled to about 45ºF. Open and serve right after taking it out of the fridge. Sparkling with a cork & cage finish should be well chilled or ice cold when you open it to avoid waste due fizz. This is especially crucial for wines that are labeled méthode traditionnelle, traditional method, méthode Champenoise, or Cap Classique. These terms are all indicators that the wine has gone through second fermentation IN the bottle and the pressure will be greater than if the wine was produced in the Charmat method or tank method.

Prosecco Rosé DOC is a new appellation that will be permitted starting in 2021! Some producers may continue to make rose in the prosecco area and bottle it as a sparkling wine from Veneto because they don’t meet the legal standards, or they don’t care to change their labels. By law, Prosecco Rosé must be blend of 85–90% Glera and 10–15% Pinot Nero (vinified as a red wine and blended in).

Prosecco is typically made in the Charmat or Tank Method to maintain a fruit forward sparkling wine. Metodo Classico (the traditional method) is also allowed here but less common.


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