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Theme: 2012 to Now | They make wine there?! | Israel

Featured Wine: Yarden Hermon Indigo Red Blend

Assorted Table is known for esoteric wines that you might not find anywhere else in Charlotte. The nerd zone is easily the staff’s favorite section of the shop! There you will find wines from Eastern Europe and anything else that doesn’t have a designated area in the shop. 

If you are looking for a wine that we don’t carry, we are happy to see if it is available for special order. 

Over the years, wines from the following countries have graced the nerd zone shelf! Pop by today to see what we have hiding! 



Republic of Macedonia,











What are we missing…?!


Note about Kosher Wine:

Kosher wines are produced in accordance with Judaism’s religious laws & dietary practices. To be considered kosher, Sabbath-observant Jews must supervise and, in many cases, handle the entire winemaking process; from the vineyard to the bottle! Any ingredients used, including yeast, acids, and fining agents, must be kosher. Having wines that are certified kosher is somewhat contemporary because kosher winemaking ingredients were not readily available until the 1920’s. 

According to https://wineindustryadvisor.com/, about 30% of Israel’s wine brands are certified ko-sher and account for 90% of wine production in Israel today.



Mevushal is Hebrew for “cooked”, and this is a reference to the act of bringing the wine to a boil. Once the wine is flash pasteurized, it is allowed to be handled by non-jews and retain the status of Kosher.

If you’re asking yourself why we don’t normally pasteurize wine, it’s because heating the wine kills the natural yeast and good bacteria in the wine that give many wines their character! 

You can find this labeling term on the back label. 



Israel is located in the Middle East on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a small country sitting between the 30ºN and 33ºN parallels with a diverse set of microclimates and soil types. 

Sacramental winemaking dates back thousands of years in modern day Israel…we are in the land where Jesus turned water into wine after all…OR WAS THAT PIQUETTE?! Political and social factors have severely impacted the Israeli wine industry and only recently has the area received global recognition. This is particularly due to a ban on the wine trade from 700CE to the 1840s when the region was under Muslim rule.