Day 23

Cheers to you! You’ve made it to the 23rd day!

We don’t want to assume but you may have one of the following things to celebrate today:

  • The weekend
  • A completed shopping list (+another night of peace before family dinners and events…)
  • Fully wrapped gifts

Columbia Valley AVA

Encompassing 99% of Washington’s vineyards, the Columbia Valley gained AVA status in 1984. The massive appellation is encompasses around 11 million acres of land and slips over the Oregon state line. 

L’Ecole No. 41

The winery is named for the historic Lowden School, built in 1915, that houses L’Ecole’s tasting room. Marcus Rafanelli is winemaker, and Sadie Drury is the vineyard manager. L’Ecole has vinified Sémillon since 1983 and is a benchmark producer of Bordeaux blends and Syrah in Walla Walla.