Day 23

Temp Note: Chill me! Enjoy it straight from the fridge.

Cheers to you! You’ve made it to the 23rd day!

We don’t want to assume but you may have one of the following things to celebrate today:

  • The end of a workweek
  • A completed shopping list (+another night of peace before family dinners and events…)
  • Fully wrapped gifts

About Crémant Appellations

There are 8 appellations that carry the Crémant AOC title. They are Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Die (Rhone Valley), Jura, Limoux, Loire, and Savoie.

The following requirements must be met in order to label a sparkling as a Crémant. First fermentation – the one that makes the base alcohol– must be in barrel and second fermentation – the one that makes the– must be in bottle. The wine must be aged for 9 mos on the lees and released in no fewer than 12 months.