Foreword | Thank you!

Thanks for signing up to taste Assorted Table’s Greatest Hits, 2012 – Now!

On any given day, we have over 650 different wines to choose from. So this was quite tricky to put together. We narrowed it down to 12 bottles that were selected based on past events, fostered relationships, and things we want you to try. 

This case was curated with intention. Why do we spend so much time on this project just to put it in a distributor’s wine box rather than a custom one? Chances are you’ve ordered a box of wine from us and it was in a repurposed box- just like this one. We have also utilized second-use grocery bags since opening (Heyyy Harris Teeter, Walmart, Target, and Food Lion – we see your bags the most!). Thanks to all the customers that bring in reusable bags, gift their gently used plastic bags, and recycle their wine club boxes with us. 

Shout out to Dennis Marsoun of Church Street Realty for sponsoring the wine totes prior to our rebrand. He is passing the torch to Mike Bassett of Bassett Realty. Stop by to fill one up!


A few years didn’t make it into our other posts, so read on for some bonus content!

Sticker + Pour Aid

2022 is certainly a milestone year! We wanted to honor how far Assorted Table has come by updating our look. We’ve included a sticker with our new logo- hope you like it!

There is also a purple and silver disc included. Fold it like a taco and use it as a pour aid for a drip-free experience!


2020 – 2021…. it’s curbside.

And of course, you will have to pick up this case CURBSIDE because that was most of our business model for 2020 and 2021! We took advantage of the mandated closure by adding a glass standing bar and improving our storage area. In fact, a lego model of the shop is how Josh communicated our needs to the remodeling crew. Would you expect anything less?!


Free Collectible:

We’ve added a freebie for when you reach the end of the box. Or pull it out right away for some 90’s-kid-cereal-box-toy BLISS.


And finally, thanks to our incredible team!

We would also like to thank our past and present staff members; without them, the shop would not have made it to 2022!