Private Events

Assorted Wine Shoppe Private EventsWant to do something special for a birthday, anniversary party, wedding shower? A change-of-pace team morale builder for your employees, perhaps? Or maybe you just want to do something incredible and memorable for your friends.

You can hire Assorted Table Wine Shoppe to host a private wine event at your home, office, or a public location.

This can be as informal or as formal as you would like – from simple tastings to lectures to structured classes.

The topics are endless: The Wines of North Carolina, What’s Perfect for a Picnic, What Really Should You be Drinking on Thanksgiving, What Wines Are Trending Right Now, A Tour Through France .. Through Italy .. Germany .. California .. Washington .. South America .. on and on. You name it, we can develop a program that will have your guests talking about it for months.

We can also assist you (or handle completely) coordinating the food portion of the event. Cheese plates? Pizza platters? A formal dinner seating? Just give the word and we’ll make it happen.

Whatever you want to do, and however you want to do it, an Assorted Table Wine Shoppe private event is sure to be fun, engaging, educational, and unique.

Interested? Just call (704) 277-3234 or use our Contact Form (put “Private Event” in the subject field).