Talk about a winter warmer! It is cold outside (we assume… this is written in advance) and we want to be wrapped in a blanket of oak and silky fruit!

Serving note: This wine will also need about 45 minutes to breathe.


Tannins are SO important for the balance in red wines. These are a type of polyphenol that is extracted from the stems, the skins, and the seeds during fermentation. (Oak tannins may also be present in wines that have been aged in oak for an extended period of time.) They bind with the protein in your saliva which causes a drying effect, and some studies suggest that tannic acid may reduce saliva production. You will feel their effects on your cheeks, gums, and tongue. 

Tannins are water-soluble but are best extracted in alcohol solutions. In fact, the reason red wines are fermented at a higher temperature than whites (68º+ vs 50º+ ) is to extract tannin, color, and flavor.

In white wines, tannins are perceived as phenolic bitterness, and astringency in red wines. They can be described as: soft, chewy, or thick and pair well with textural foods like a fatty steak.


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