2022 Assorted Table Advent Calendar Kit

About our Advent offering

– A selection of small format beverages (187ml – 375 ml), in a numbered box. No peeking….participate, don’t anticipate!

 – An online calendar page with the featured days. Click on the date and you’ll be taken to a written profile about today’s libation. (Proper serving temperature will be included there too!)

– Receive one 15% off coupon for you to re-order your favorites!


Our 2022 Advent Calendar Kit is a little different than the others!

We’ve selected 24 different adult beverages for you to enjoy as you count down the days to Christmas. These include wine, sake, hard cider, and more! The daily selection will be packaged in small format bottles or cans containing 6 oz – 12 oz (187 ml – 375 ml) each; a perfect amount of booze to share with your significant somebody or crush solo!

Please email Celine@assortedtablewine.com with any questions.

Cost: $300 including tax


How do we make the selections?

Josh and his little elves look high and low (and taste all year long…) for small bottles or cans that are perfect for holiday sippin’.

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